Unauthorized credit card purchases on Coinhouse website

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Can't make a payment by credit card? 
Do not worry ! There are several reasons for this, and we will look at them together in this article.


What could be the reasons?


Reason n°1: You have reached your credit card purchase limit.

When your account is at level 1, your limit per card is set at €1,000 for life, once this limit is reached, you can only make purchases by bank transfer.

Solution :

You can increase this limit by requesting from your personal space the passage to level 2, your limit will then be of 2 000€ per day. At level 3, your limit will increase to a minimum of €5,000 per day and can be increased upon request to customer service.

For more information on the limits of the different levels, please visit our dedicated page on the subject entitled The 3 account levels and associated limits.


Reason n°2: Your bank has blocked the card payment transaction on suspicion of fraud.

It is very often the case for some mainstream banks to detect cryptocurrency purchase transactions as fraudulent, and in this case they systematically block the payment as a security measure.

Solution :

Reason 3: You have reached the withdrawal limit of your bank card.

Your bank may not accept the payment because you have reached your credit card withdrawal limit. Sometimes, payments on Coinhouse are considered withdrawal transactions and reaching your withdrawal limit will prevent you from completing your purchase transaction.

Solution :

Contact your bank advisor, or increase your withdrawal limit from your banking app.


Reason 4: An anomaly has been detected on your account or when using your card by the Compliance department.

  • You are using a bank card that is not in your name.

  • You have made multiple attempts to make a purchase by credit card, most of which have been refused or failed by our credit card payment service provider (error detection, lack of 3DS validation, false data, unfunded accounts, etc.).

  • You have tried to use too many credit cards or a card that is not compliant (e.g. not in your name).

  • The information you provided when creating your account leads us not to authorise payment by credit card beforehand, as a precautionary measure and as a decision of the "Compliance and Risk Management" department. Please refer to the Coinhouse Terms and Conditions.

Solution : 

If you have not yet made a transaction on the platform, this means that for compliance and risk management reasons the credit card purchase option has been temporarily suspended. It will then be necessary to make a first purchase by bank transfer to lift the suspension.

Buying by bank transfer is a flexible and simple alternative. Once a purchase has been successfully completed by bank transfer on our site, you will be able to purchase by credit card again.


Coinhouse makes every effort to prevent fraud and illegal use of credit cards. If you think this is a mistake, please contact our customer service to resolve the situation.

If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal !

Monday to Friday : from 9:30 to 18:00.


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