What to do if my account is blocked or closed ?

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An account can be blocked for several reasons:

Account blocked for security reasons
The goal is to protect your account and secure your funds.
In this case, the request was made either directly to our teams on number of connection attempts excessive Solution : Contact our teams by attaching the following documents (to verify that you are indeed the source of the request):  
  • A photo of you in which you are holding a paper on which will be written: "I wish to unblock my Coinhouse account.", with the current date and signature.
  • A photo of the front and back of your identity document.
Once the documents have been received, your request will be processed as soon as possible by our teams.
Account blocked for compliance reasons
In the event of activity considered abnormal, Coinhouse may, in accordance with its legal obligations and in accordance with article 8.9 of our TOS, may block your account.
Our status as a PSAN, registered with the AMF, implies monitoring transactions carried out by our clients in order to effectively combat against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.
If internal investigations confirm the legitimacy of the transaction(s) the legitimacy of the transaction(s) concerned, as they are legitimate and/or that it was simply a false alarm, we will immediately unblock your account. your account immediately.
Solution : We invite you to contact our teams in order to find out more.
Account closed for compliance reasons
The current regulation requires Coinhouse - as an AMF-registered PSAN - to monitor the transactions of its customers. registered with the AMF - to monitor its customers' transactions in order to to effectively combat fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. and the financing of terrorism.
As part of this monitoring, if the evidence provided by the customer does not customer does not provide evidence of a specific transaction, Coinhouse is entitled to close your account in the event of activity considered to be abnormal.
If you wish to challenge this decision, you are feel free to contact the AMF Ombudsman on the following numbers :
Ombudsman of the AMF - Mrs. Marielle Cohen-Branche – 17, place de la Bourse – 75082 Paris Cedex 02

If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal !

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