How to add or remove a credit card ?

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According to our T&Cs, each customer is only allowed to have two active credit cards at the same time, some essential rules regarding the use of credit cards are as follows :

  • Only credit cards with your first and last name are accepted.
  • Bank cards must be personal for personal accounts.
  • Corporate bank cards should not be used for personal accounts.
  • Virtual cards are not accepted.
  • Prepaid cards are not accepted.
  • ...

Breaching any of these conditions could restrict your account from using bank cards as a means of payment.


You can navigate directly to the section that interests you 🔎:


How to add a bank card ?

You can add up to two credit cards when you create your Coinhouse account.

Beyond the first two, you will need to contact support to request a replacement of one of the two active bank cards on your account.



👉To do this, you will be asked to attach a photo of the credit card you wish to use, showing only the following:

  • Last 4 digits.
  • Name and surname of the holder.
  • Expiry date


🛑 BE CAREFUL 🛑 : Please hide all of the other elements when you send us the photo otherwise it will not be compliant and automatically rejected.

How to delete a bank card ? 

Contact our support 📝 specifying the last 4 digits of the bank card you want to delete.


If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal !

Monday to Friday : from 9:30 to 18:00.


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