How do I add a bank account ?

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Adding a bank account is essential in order to be able to complete your sales transaction and claim the funds to your bank account.


How do I add a bank account ?


In order to add a bank account to your Coinhouse account you will need to :


1. Login to your account via the login page

2. Click on "Profile"

3. Click on "Payment methods"

4. Click on "Add a bank account"

5. Fill in the information and click on "Add"

6. A confirmation code will be sent to you by email. You will have to enter it and validate for the bank account to be registered


Add bank account.gif


⚠️ If it is a joint bank account, you'll need to send us by email:

  • A photo of the bank details of the joint bank account with both names on it.
  • A photo of the front and back of the spouse's identity document ⚠️


If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal !

Monday to Friday : from 9:30 to 18:00.


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