What is the crypto Savings Account and how does it work?

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In October 2021 we designed a fixed rate product: Crypto Savings Account. This account allows you to optimise your crypto savings with a fixed rate on your stablecoins: you benefit from higher returns than traditional products, while limiting the risks of crypto market volatility.

This product is accessible to everyone: individuals or companies.

What are the features of Crypto Savings Account ? 
  • A minimum subscription of 20000 USDT.
  • 0 fee policy: no entry fees, no management fees , nor exit fees.
  • A rate of performance of 4% to 5% guaranteed over 3 months (The fixed rate is an annualized rate).
  • Exit is flexible with only 13 weeks commitment.
Which Stablecoin to choose? 

Depending on the strategy desired by the investor, the characteristics of an particular stablecoin may be better suited to its needs.

  • The particularity of USDT is the most liquid stablecoin, with the highest 24- hour trading volume. It is also one of the most used stablecoins on the DeFi and CeFi protocols, and the first stablecoin in terms of capitalization.

    Choosing USDT therefore has the advantage of benefiting from the one of the most liquid and easily tradeable stablecoins in the crypto market.

  • The particularity of USDC is to be one of the most regulated stablecoins. Indeed, the USDC is operated by the company Circle, which is in constant discussion with the American regulators, and force of proposal for the future of its stablecoin.

    Choosing the USDC therefore has the advantage of benefit from a stablecoin with close proximity to regulators.

  • The specificity of the EURL lies in the benefit of not being exposed to exchange risk with the dollar when entering or exiting the Crypto Savings Account. 

To learn more about stablecoins, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article by clicking here 👈

If you want to set up the crypto savings account eventually, you can book an appointment with our account managers by clicking here 👈

If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal !

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