How to purchase crypto-assets on Coinhouse ?

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It's your first purchase on Coinhouse and you don't know how to proceed? It's quite simple! You always have the choice between two means of payment: 

How do I make a purchase by credit card?
You can buy crypto-assets by credit card in a few clicks on Coinhouse.
To do so, just click on the "Buy" button from your dashboard and the payment methods by credit card will be already selected.
Given the volatility of the market, the purchase price fluctuates constantly, Coinhouse therefore guarantees you an exchange rate for 5 minutes to confirm your purchase.  achat.gif

For your security, you can only register a maximum of 2 bank cards. However, if you wish to delete or add one, you should in this case send a request to support by clicking here 👈🏻.
How to make a purchase by bank transfer?
You can also buy crypto-assets through bank transfer by following these steps:
      1. Click on "Buy"
      2. Choose the payment method "Bank transfer"
        Once done, you will receive an email containing our bank details as well as the reference of the operation that should necessarily be noted in the transfer. 
      3. Add the Coinhouse beneficiary from the interface of your banking application
      4. Make a transfer of the amount corresponding to the transaction created, by inserting in the description of your transfer the transaction reference.
        Once the transfer has been completed, we should receive your funds within 1-3 working days.
      5. You will then receive an email to ensure that the funds have been received and to invite you to confirm the transaction
      6. You then have 72 hours to confirm or request a refund on your bank account, otherwise the order will be confirmed automatically
💡The trade wording allows us to place the funds received on the cryptocurrency you have chosen beforehand when initiating the transfer on Coinhouse.

If you want to check the status of this transaction, you can go to the "Your transactions" section.  Below are the related explanations 👇🏻

Transaction Status Explanation
Transaction Status You have made a purchase by bank transfer and we are then awaiting receipt of funds. 
Waiting for confirmation Your transfer has been received and you should therefore either confirm or cancel the purchase order via the email sent to you.
Delivery in progress You have confirmed your purchase order .A few minutes later and except in the event of exceptional activity on the blockchain, the crypto-assets will be delivered to your wallet.
Done Your operation has been successfully completed. Your crypto-assets have been successfully delivered to your wallet.
Expired SEPA transfers take on average between 1 to 3 days to arrive. If it is not received within 15 days, the status changes to Expired.

If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal !

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